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O Athletik - The Best Gym In Houston

O Athletik is incredibly proud to announce that we are the winners of the 2020 Gympass Best Gym In Houston Award!

The award is given based on a combination of two factors:

  1. The number of total check-ins throughout the year.
  2. The aggregate rating of the gym from visitors.

O Athletik is the most popular gym in Houston for check-ins and received a final rating of 4.98 stars out of 5.

Here is what some Gympass members said about our gym:

“I love this gym!” said Gympass member Dannickova in a review. “Footvolley classes are so much fun. My boyfriend and I go every week.”

Another frequent visitor, AJ, said “A great place to workout. They have everything you could ever want as well as some great teachers and class options. I would recommend it to everyone.”

2020 was the first year Gympass launched their End of Year Awards. The idea was created as a way to give special recognition to their resilient network of partners and highlight the most popular gyms that helped people stay fit and healthy during the ongoing pandemic.

Gympass is a complete corporate wellbeing platform that ignites and fuels every journey to feel good. They offer their clients access to gyms, studios, live virtual classes, personal training and dozens of wellness apps for a healthier mind, body and mood. Gympass offers more than 50,000 offline partners and more than 60 wellness apps globally.

O Athletik joined the Gympass Houston network in 2018. We are especially excited to be the first ever winner of the Best Gym In Houston award and we hope to repeat in 2021!

See What Makes Us The Most Popular Gym in Houston

O Athletik is a premier gym located in the Houston Heights. 

Interested in joining? Fill out the form below to get a FREE day pass, including access to our weight room, sauna, boxing ring, and classes!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2021

2020 was one of the most difficult years in recent memory. Our usual lives screeched to a halt since the COVID-19 pandemic and have been slow to recover ever since.

Understandably, many people want to start 2021 with a bang. They want this year to be the year that they finally achieve their fitness goals and change their lives for the better.

It is all too common for people to make “losing weight” their new year’s resolution only to give up after a month. Part of the reason most people give up is the objective itself, to lose weight or lose fat.

boxing houston

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with this goal, but it is not habitual. We think a better, more long lasting goal would be to “make fitness permanently part of my lifestyle in 2021.”

Shedding 10 pounds is fantastic but ultimately does nothing if you gain it back shortly afterwards. For the weight loss to stay permanent, you need a lifestyle change. You need your newly formed positive habits to become embedded in your body and brain. In addition, you need to put yourself in a position that gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Going to a gym to lift weights is great for building muscle, but it takes more than that to change your lifestyle and get fit.

We understand the struggle. That’s why O Athletik offers a variety of fitness classes for you to choose from that each target a different component of your new fitness lifestyle.

improve cardiovascular health

Want to improve cardiovascular health and increase strength? Alpha Strong is the class for you.

Are building abs high on your list of new year’s priorities? We have a 15 minute class, Cut2Core, for people who want to strengthen their core in a fast and efficient way.

Maybe you want to start incorporating self-defense as part of your new fitness lifestyle? We have a dozen MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Kick-Boxing classes taught by some of the best instructors in Houston.

O Athletik also has a state-of-the-art weight room, outdoor turf hill, underwater treadmills, and indoor turf field to provide you with everything you need to achieve your 2021 goals in one convenient location.

Remember what we said earlier about making these changes to your lifestyle permanent? You don’t want to have 3 different memberships to 3 different gyms just so that you have options. Not only will that be more expensive, but you’ll be less likely to make your new fitness routine a lifestyle if you’re always on the move.

achieve your fitness goals at o athletik

At O Athletik, we also focus on your longevity. Yes, we want 2021 to be the year you achieve your fitness goals, but we also want to make sure your body is prepared to do the same in 2022, 2023, and so on.

Do not underestimate the role recovery plays in increasing longevity. It may not be as exciting as lifting weights or participating in classes, but it is far more important.

In fact, we have entire classes dedicated to recovery. We also have a sauna in both locker rooms that are open for use, as well as a steam room.

At O Athletik, it’s all about accessibility for our members. We are constantly adding more classes and equipment to continue providing as many training options as possible.

The Best Gym In Houston

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Starting this week, O Athletik is now offering RESET, a group workout class that bridges the gap between the benefits of yoga and the biomechanics of sports. The overall goal for this class is to increase your physical performance while decreasing your risk of injury.

How will this be accomplished? RESET will incorporate a blend of postures to find balance in strength and flexibility, breathing techniques to improve recovery, and relaxation tools to maintain a calm body and mind. Many people forget the importance of breathing while exercising and this class will help improve both your awareness and technique. 

Dynamic movements such as lunges, high kicks, and hurdles will be incorporated into RESET in order to help warm up the body and increase flexibility. 

RESET is a class for all levels of athletes and is the perfect way to jumpstart a productive day. Book your class now on your O Athletik app!

Have Questions? Contact Us!


RESTORE is exactly what it sounds like: a class focused on assisting the body to restore itself following a strenuous workout. Recovery is often overlooked, and RESTORE will look to make it a permanent part of your athletic routine.

Using Foam Rollers, Lacrosse Balls, Stretching Straps and Active Release Therapy, Restore will get your body back to working order in no time.

The class will primarily work on increasing your range of motion and flexibility partnered with muscle decompression and relaxation. 

RESTORE is a class designed for all levels and can be attended either post workout or on recovery days for maximum benefit. It will take place in the yoga room, which will be preheated to help your muscles expand to alleviate all those aches and pains we all suffer from.

O Athletik Welcomes Metro Fight Club

metro fight club at O Athletik

Learn MMA From World Class Trainer Saul Soliz

Coach Soliz has trained more UFC Champions than any other MMA coach in Houston.

With over 20 years of coaching experience, there is now no better place to learn MMA, kickboxing, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than at O Athletik.

Coach Soliz’s fighter Adrian Yanez knocked out his recent opponent in just 39 seconds to secure a UFC contract.

Do I Need Fighting Experience to Participate?

No. While Coach Saul has trained dozens of professional fighters, no previous fighting experience is required. In fact, it is beneficial to join as a beginner in order to ensure your MMA foundations are strong.

Metro Fight Club is offering a variety of different classes to O Athletik members, including classes for children ages 4-9.

These classes are perfect for people looking to experiment with different martial arts forms as well as get into amazing shape.

Most importantly, it’s fun. We strongly encourage all of our members to step on the mat and see for themselves!

Metro Fight Club Schedule

O Athletik members can receive access to Metro Fight Club coaching & training for an additional fee of $50 per month.

To sign up, please email

Beginner's Guide To Boxing

With over 20,000 professional boxers and millions of amateurs around the world, boxing continues to be a fast growing sport. It is physically demanding, mentally taxing, and requires skilled technique to perform at a high level.

That being said, boxing is not reserved for those who want to knock other people out for a living.

If you simply want to shed off a few pounds, gain confidence with your hands, or post pictures of yourself looking intense on Instagram, then boxing may be for you.

Before you do, let’s go over some of the basics.

Training Volume

In order to become the best boxer you can be, how many times a week do you need to train?

Well, that depends on your goals.

If your goal with boxing is to shed body fat, then between 2-3 sessions per week is ideal for most people. As mentioned earlier, boxing is a surpassingly exhausting activity. It’s a lot harder than it looks on the TV. You may be thinking a 30 minute boxing cardio class is easy, but that is far from the truth. In fact, boxing can be completely exhausting after only a couple swings on the heavy bag. Working on your conditioning is key to longevity in this sport.

What about for people who want to take it more seriously?

As long as you are getting adequate rest, staying hydrated, and avoiding boxing sessions that leave you gassed for hours, boxing every day might be doable.

Again, the emphasis needs to be on recovery. If you feel good, put the gloves back on and hit the bag. If your shoulders feel numb and your knuckles are bruised, it’s probably time for an off day.

Does Boxing Build Muscle?

Many weight lifters ponder adding boxing to their routine as a way to build muscle fibers that are not activated during a typical weight session. Is this a practical approach?

While boxing will build lean muscle mass, it is far less efficient than typical weight training. Certain muscle groups such as the core, deltoids, and biceps may see extra stimulation and growth.

However, if your goal is to look like the prototypical bodybuilder, boxing could do more harm than good.

The average boxing class burns around 500 calories an hour, which is equivalent to running around 4 miles at a 7 minute pace. For most people, this will be all the physical activity their body can handle for the day. Lifting weights is already challenging enough, but boxing on top of that? All but experienced weight lifters and well conditioned athletes should probably pass on that.

Is Boxing Good For Fat Loss?

Yes it is! As previously noted, boxing burns a ton of calories. It also gives you the benefit of the “after burn effect”, which allows your body to burn additional calories after the session is ended. This is due to the fact boxing is more HIIT, or high intensity interval training, than it is steady-state cardio. The peaks and dives in heart rate is what continues to burns calories hours after your class is over.

Boxing Recovery

Boxing is a full body workout that will leave you exhausted. In order to be able to repeat the process, recovery is essential. Does boxing require any special recovery methods that an average weight lifter wouldn’t use? Well, not really.

Professional boxers use advanced recovery techniques such as cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, and more. These professionals also train intensely multiple times per day and require higher levels of attention than other people.

For someone attending a boxing class a few times a week, the recover process looks very similar to that after a weight training session or athletic event.

The basic tenants are stretching, hydrating, eating a balanced diet, and sleeping well. Beginner boxers will surely feel soreness in their shoulders, biceps, and forearms once they get started. Stretching these muscles adequately after a hard boxing session is one of the best ways to prevent injury and increase longevity.

Now that you know the basics about boxing, the benefits, and how to recover, it’s time to book your first class at O Athletik. We offer a variety of boxing classes depending on interests and experience level.

Is There A Way To Improve At Boxing Fast?

The fastest way to improve your skill in boxing is to train with experienced coaches and boxers who know their stuff. Fortunately, we have just that at O Athletik.

We recently welcomed Metro Fight Club, an organization led by Saul Soliz that has coached the likes of UFC Champions Cris Cyborg, Tito Ortiz, and Ricco Rodriguez. They are the only gym in Houston that has trained that many UFC champions, and they are now available at O Athletik.

Not only can you now train with one of the most elite boxing coaches in Houston, but you will also have access to O Athletik’s state of the art fitness facility for weight training and cardio routines outside of the ring.

To take your boxing game to the next level, click here to gather more info or here to sign up with O Athletik today.

The Best Outdoor Workouts To Improve Your Athleticism

workouts for outdoors

As many gyms around Houston remain closed, more and more people are transitioning their workout programs from weight style training to outdoor exercises.

While this may seem like a huge step backwards for some, there are actually many benefits to outdoor workouts.

For many, the biggest drawback of outdoor workouts is the belief that they will not be able to build muscle. But is this true?

Can you build muscle outside of weight training?

calisthenics training

Weights are awesome. They look great in pictures, are easy to track, and make progressively overloading your muscles a lot easier. Fortunately for us, they aren’t completely necessary.

Calisthenics, a workout routine consisting of exclusively bodyweight exercises, has been proven in multiple studies to be an effective workout routine for muscle building, and there are many ways to shift your focus to these types of exercises. Push ups, pull ups, crunches, squats, lunges, and anything else that burns after 10 reps.

The Physical Benefits Of Outdoor Training

Now that you know there is nothing to be afraid of in terms of muscle building, let’s talk about the other benefits of exercising outdoors. 

Probably the biggest one is the environment. When going on a run through a park or by the beach, you will experience patches of hills and other natural occurrences that force you to adapt your training on the spot.

The Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Training

mental health and training

Spending time outside has many mental health benefits as well.

Several studies have shown that exposure to sunlight causes the brain to release serotonin, the chemical associated with happiness and focus. 

Additionally, sunlight allows the body to absorb vitamin D, an important vitamin responsible for a whole bunch of awesome health benefits including fighting depression and improving bone health.

The Best Types of Outdoor Workouts

We already touched on calisthenics training, but how else can you train outside to increase your athleticism?

One workout that everyone has a love-hate relationship with is hill training.

types of outdoor workouts

Hill training in itself is often overlooked as a strength workout. The higher the incline of the hill, the harder your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves will have to work in order to keep going. The result is a surprisingly taxing hypertrophy workout.

Hill training doesn’t have to be just running either. Exercises like lunges or frog jumps are excellent for lower body activation and will feel significantly harder going up or down a hill. 

The magic isn’t reserved for your legs though. Backwards bear crawls up a hill will have those front deltoids popping out in no time.

Sand training is also hugely beneficial to increasing strength, speed, and overall athleticism. 

Studies show that simply walking on sand vs concrete can burn up to 1.6 times as many calories

sand training to increase explosiveness

This doesn’t mean you should find the nearest volleyball pit and walk back and forth, but it does mean you should consider adding some explosive work to your routine.

Running shuffles, squat jumps, or any other explosive exercise could reap double the rewards if done in a sand pit vs a flat service.

Weight training feels awesome and intense, but in times like this, let’s look at the bright side of training outside. No pun intended.

Going Back To The Gym

We just covered all the awesome benefits of training outdoors and what exercises you can do to best improve your athleticism. At O Athletik, we combine these elements of outdoor training as part of our facility. Amenities such as our outdoor turf hill and outdoor sand pit are available to all of our members, meaning you can run some incline sprints in the middle of your workout!

Does your Houston gym offer that? Probably not.

If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to us, be sure to click here to schedule a tour of O Athletik and claim a free day pass to try it for yourself.

5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Fitness Routine

how yoga benefits athletes

Over 36 million Americans regularly practice yoga, making it one of the most popular extracurricular activities. 

Despite this, many people have a false belief that yoga is nothing more than an intensive breathing exercise with little necessity in an athlete’s regimen.

The truth is that yoga is one of the most important keys to ensuring longevity in fitness. Lifting weights and playing sports are fun, but the wear and tear on our muscles and joints is largely ignored. Recovery, though an essential pillar of fitness, is often the one that receives the smallest amount of attention.

Something as simple as adding two 30-minute yoga sessions a week to your fitness routine could reap huge rewards. And you don’t need to be a professional athlete to enjoy them.

Here are 5 ways that yoga can compliment your fitness routine, regardless of what it entails.

yoga increases range of motion

  1. Increased Range of Motion

Many people struggle to perform certain lifts because their body lacks the mobility to use proper form. This is especially true for compound lifts like the squat, which involves your quadriceps, hip adductors, and much more.

Yoga specifically aims to increase your flexibility, thus ensuring that you can perform the exercise how it is meant to be done. Not only that, but some studies show that the elongation of the muscle that happens during yoga can actually increase strength output.

Not bad.

2. Decreased Chance of Injury

Lifting weights is fun, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you have a better chance of injury. Outside of accidentally dropping a 45 pound plate on your big toe, many lifts can cause serious damage if done incorrectly. 

As mentioned in the previous point, yoga will help to increase your flexibility and range of motion. This increase will in turn help prevent your body from finding itself in unnatural or potentially dangerous positions while executing a lift.

The same goes for sports.

Whether it’s MMA or football, being more flexible will allow you to get into some funky positions and come out unscathed. Yoga will not only elongate your muscles, but the holds performed in a yoga class will also strengthen tendons and joints. 

Big hits in football involve everything from tendons to muscles.

Making sure all of these are strengthened through performing yoga keeps you in the game.

yoga increases recovery

3. Improved Recovery

Yoga is a great way to decompress the body after a tough workout. 

When we lift intensely, lactic acid starts to build up in our muscles, causing soreness, stiffness, and general discomfort.

Many of the stretches in yoga are low-stress, but they are enough to start flushing out this lactic acid from our muscles, getting us back to training quicker.

A yoga class is a great break in a strenuous fitness routine. After a couple days of wearing down your body, a light yoga workout can increase blood flow, increase flexibility, and build muscle endurance.

All of this equals a decrease in recovery time and an increase in intensity.

4. Mental Relief

One of the most under appreciated benefits of yoga is the mental relief. Modern life is hectic, with social media and different screens constantly blaring in our face.

A yoga class gives us the opportunity to tune out all the noise and focus on the present. Just us and our bodies.

Deep breathing is proven to reduce stress and anxiety in people. 

For some, working out isn’t enough. They need the added mental relaxation that comes from practicing yoga.

Maybe you do too.

yoga classes at O Athletik

5. Better Breathing Habits

Breathing while working out can be awkward, but it is essential to achieving maximum performance. The more movement you do, the more oxygen your body requires.

Often you will see someone performing a high rep set of an exercise without breathing, their face completely red by the end and their form deteriorating throughout.

Practicing yoga will help make sure that you’ll never be that guy.

Yoga helps teach you how to breathe deeply while performing difficult exercise. It may take a while to get the hang of it, but this practice is vital to ensuring that you properly supply your body with oxygen as you workout, allowing you to get the best results possible.

O Athletik

We at O Athletik understand the importance of recovery in an athlete’s routine. We will always try to push your physical limits, but we also want you to be able to walk the next day. 

Thankfully, we offer several different types of yoga classes at our gym.

To see the different classes we offer, make sure to check your O Athletik app or see the full schedule by clicking here.

See you in the yoga room!

Kickboxing is a hybrid martial art form that combines elements of boxing, karate, and Muy Thai. It originated in Japan in the mid 1960s, eventually becoming popular in the United States and beyond after the first ever professional Karate World Championships in 1974.

Why Is Flexibility Important In Kickboxing?

lower body flexibility kickboxing

All forms of MMA require athletes to be flexible, and kickboxing is no exception.

Due to the heavy involvement of leg strikes and leg blocks, it is important for anyone looking to participate in kickboxing classes or competitions to develop and maintain proper flexibility. 

Failure to do so could lead to a pulled or even torn muscle. A high round house kick to an opponent’s head could do more damage to you if your muscles are not properly flexible and warmed up, so use caution.

Lower Body Flexibility in Kickboxing:

high kicks in kickboxing

The main muscles used in a kick are the gluteals, the hamstrings, the quadriceps, the hip flexors, and the rectus abdominus.

To ensure that you can go round after round without sustaining any training injuries, make sure that each one of these muscle groups is stretched and strengthen on a regular basis.

What Stretches Should You Do To Target These Muscle Groups?

stretches for kickboxers

Each muscle group has their own optimal stretches. With all muscles, make sure that you give equal attention to both sides of your body, as kickboxing will involve kicking with your left and right foot.

Use these stretches below as a guide:

The gluteals can be best targeted by the Seated Figure-Four Stretch or Half Pigeon Stretch. 

An easy yet effective hamstring exercise is the Seated Hamstring Stretch. If you prefer standing, try the same movement standing up with one foot over the other.

Many people don’t think to stretch their abs. Don’t be one of those people! The Cobra Pose is very beneficial for targeting your six pack. Variations can be done using a medicine ball for extra reach.

A good way to stretch your quadriceps is by doing the Kneeling Quad Stretch. It is important to keep your back as straight as possible while stretching and to push your hips forward, as this will put more tension on the quadricep muscle and increase flexibility faster.

Finally, your hip flexors need some attention as well. The Butterfly Stretch will help target them well, but again, be careful not to let your back roll forward. 

For those with a weak lower back or abdominal muscles, the Frog Stretch is a good alternative for still effectively targeting and increase flexibility in the hip flexors.

Why Should You Take A Kickboxing Class?


Regularly stretching and conditioning sounds like a lot of work, but the benefits to your kickboxing and overall fitness are huge.

Kickboxing is a valuable martial art form for self-defense. Going into the gym and curling might make your biceps look great, but it won’t teach you functional skills to use in case of an emergency. 

Another benefit of kickboxing is the fact that it is a full body workout. Rather than having to choose one or two individual muscle groups to train on a given day, you can take a kickboxing class and virtually work out your entire body.

Finally, regular attendance of kickboxing classes will greatly increase your cardiovascular endurance. Running and the elliptical are nice, but putting your entire body to the test in a high intensity interval training workout consistently will have a substantial effect on overall muscle and cardiovascular endurance.

Now What? How Can O Athletik Help?

Now that you know some of the history of kickboxing, how to stretch for it, and what benefits come with taking a class, you’re ready to get started!

Check out more information about O Athletik kickboxing or our online schedule here to see when the next kickboxing class is and reserve your spot!

We look forward to seeing you on the mat.

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Cardiovascular Training in Houston

How’s your heart health?

Cardiovascular training is a type of exercise that increases the endurance of your muscles by enhancing the distribution of oxygen to your heart. Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, or you are working to stay healthy and fit, cardio is a great way to lose weight and to keep it off by burning a large amount of calories.

Cardiovascular training plays a major role when you are developing a well-rounded fitness plan. The energy your body needs to create movement depends on how well your heart and lungs are transporting oxygen through your body. As your heart becomes stronger and breathing is more efficient, your body will become stronger.

When cardio is implemented into your workout, the benefits go far beyond improving endurance and weight loss. You can also reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. In addition, it has an intense effect on your overall mood and has been proven to help curb excessive appetites. We house a variety of cardio equipment and have also designed a unique cardio intensive class to assist in making heart health an important part of your workout program.

Common cardiovascular exercises include walking, step aerobics, elliptical trainers, running, biking, and jump rope. Although classes such as weight training and yoga are great for your body, you need to include cardiovascular workouts into your standard exercise routine to keep your heart at its best. Cardiovascular fitness is crucial to the longevity of your health. It’s important to not only take care of your body for today, but for the future as well.

Maintaining your cardio fitness will help you live a longer, fuller life. At O Athletik, the best fitness trainers in Houston can help you get started in reaching your goals. Check out our class schedule today.

For more information on membership, contact us below