You can enroll your child in any of our many sports programs:
Soccer, jiu jitsu, wrestling, yoga, and sports performance.

Kids Gym in Houston

Mixed Martial Arts

The Kids Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program involves different aspects of MMA training including striking, grappling, strength, and conditioning. It helps our students achieve and succeed in ways they have never before. Through MMA, we can help your child increase self-control, focus, patience, and discipline while also learning important self-defense skills in a safe and well-controlled environment. Your child should also practice MMA because it will keep them active, fit, and healthy while gaining confidence, independence, and respect for others.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BBJ) program involves the basic techniques of martial arts including ground fighting and grappling. Children of all ages can begin learning the art of Jiu Jitsu. It is extremely popular because it is a sport that allows smaller opponents to use leverage against larger opponents. BJJ is an excellent sport for your kids to engage in as it is deeply ingrained in discipline and focus. BJJ not only sharpens the mind, but will help your kids grow mentally and emotionally as well.


The Kids Yoga program is catered to children ages 4-12. The main goal of these classes it to
develop flexibility, focus, and coordination by putting together different yoga sequences, learning breathing techniques, playing games, dancing, and creating their own yoga adventures! There is also a focus on mindfulness, practicing gratitude, and appreciating the benefits of stillness.


The Youth Wrestling program helps young students learn how to wrestle in a safe and educational setting. Through wrestling our young students will learn perseverance, balance, and the calculated skill of takedown. Our program instructors strive to help the kids reach their goals on and off the mat.

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