Houston’s Best Athletic Training Facilities

Hypoxico: Hypoxico is the leader in simulated altitude technology. Exercising in altitudes improves muscular endurance and increases fitness abilities, allowing you to push your performance to the next level. Results of the technology have been proven to cause less fatigue and faster recovery, which leads to increased training intensity.


DorsaVi: DorsaVi is a series of wearable sensors the give our trainers the ability to measure movement like never before. DorsaVi allows us to give true assessments to reduce risk of injury and maximize performance. We can provide our members with real time objective data to identify imbalances, restrictions and asymmetries.


InBody Body Composition Analysis: InBody uses electrical impedance to accurately measure and map body composition into four components: Fat, Lean Body Mass, Minerals and Body Water. Body composition analysis is a much more accurate descriptor of weight than BMI. Using this data, our staff can be much more precise in setting realistic goals for our members and creating more effective and efficient exercise and nutrition programs.


Korr Medical Cardio Coach: Many people are inefficient exercisers, with no understanding of what heart rate, intensity or duration would best help them reach their specific goals such as fat burning, endurance training, or cardio conditioning. Using Korr Cardio Coach we can accurately measure VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate. An initial VO2 Max test can clarify the precise target heart rates that will enable each individual to exercise more effectively, with less fatigue and fewer injuries. A VO2 Max test also determines the number of calories burned during every level of exercise. Resting Metabolic Rate is a scientific measurement of how many calories a person is burning during a day, a vital piece of information when designing a weight loss regimen.


Fitmetrix: Fitmetrix performance and heart rate tracking software integrates with any ANT+ equipment and devices to track, rank, display and reward our members with real-time results. Our class instructors and personal trainers can use this software in both our signature classes and during personal training sessions to not only make workouts more efficient but to add gamification to their workout routines to make them more interactive and fun.


Fusion Sport Timing Gates: Fusion Sport gives our trainers the ability to have the highest level of accuracy when conducting performance testing. Producing accurate, quantifiable data allows us to engage our members and athletes with their own data by providing prompt feedback on progress and areas for improvement. Seeing their data come to life through creative data visualization and gamification motivates our members and athletes to continuing striving for optimal performance.