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Sports Performance Training: Not Just for the Pros

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The popularity of the internet has afforded athletes and fitness gurus more resources than ever before. This past decade has seen an emergence of sports medicine knowledge accessible not only to the elite athlete, but to young athletes looking to take their sport seriously. Sports performance training is here, and it is rapidly becoming the new way to practice.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you played sports as a kid, you probably remember how your practices usually went. For instance, if you played soccer in high school you most likely did drills passing the ball to your teammate, or ran laps since endurance and speed power is a large part of the sport. While these are still common ways athletes of all ages practice to become better at their sport, summer sports camps and the like have become increasingly popular for young athletes looking to get an edge on competition early on. Instead of doing drills in a backyard, kids are going the extra mile. Instead of just running laps, a soccer athlete may take time in their training session to utilize hurdles, cones, and sprints to target different parts of the body at once.

Personalized Training

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Another large part of these sports performance training programs, which are available to adults as well as children, is the personalized training offered. This aspect of sports performance training is what makes the difference between practicing in your own backyard and training with assistance from someone who is knowledgeable in sports medicine. With a personal trainer, you are able to target the areas you need help in the most. Perhaps you need to gain muscle in a certain area. Your trainer would then have you do strength training. Or perhaps your sport involves a lot of running such as soccer or basketball; your personalized training then may involve more speed agility courses.

Where to Start

Whether you are looking to help your kid get the most out of their athletic abilities, or are interested in improving your own performance, sports performance training is the ultimate stepping stone. O Athletik offers agility classes that target your specific needs, lending a variety of tools that target every area of the body. In these classes, you can also monitor your progress with the latest sports science equipment. Visit our agility page for more information.