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Sports Performance Training in Houston

When you’re an athlete, you have a high level of expectation that you set for yourself. The goal is not only to push yourself to the limit, but to push yourself even further each time. Fine tune your motor skills and improve your cognitive performance with our “O” exclusive agility training.

O Athletik offers several resources to help you reach your sports performance objectives. Using ladders, mini-hurdles, cones and sprints, this course is designed to develop your coordination and reaction time by improving the body’s ability to move and change direction quickly while maintaining proper posture and alignment. This method of training can be a great tool for injury prevention by teaching the body to stabilize areas like the shoulders, lower back and knees while moving quickly and has also been shown to increase cognitive performance in areas such as memory and concentration.

Our facility is built to help you monitor your success, as well as create an environment of friendly competition with friends and co-athletes alike. O Athletik provides you with the equipment to be successful.

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