O Athletik Welcomes Metro Fight Club

metro fight club at O Athletik

Learn MMA From World Class Trainer Saul Soliz

Coach Soliz’s fighter Adrian Yanez knocked out his recent opponent in just 39 seconds to secure a UFC contract.

Coach Soliz has trained more UFC Champions than any other MMA coach in Houston. With over 20 years of coaching experience, there is now no better place to learn MMA, kickboxing, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than at O Athletik.

Do I Need Fighting Experience to Participate?

No. While Coach Saul has trained dozens of professional fighters, no previous fighting experience is required. In fact, it is beneficial to join as a beginner in order to ensure your MMA foundations are strong.

Metro Fight Club is offering a variety of different classes to O Athletik members, including classes for children ages 4-9.

These classes are perfect for people looking to experiment with different martial arts forms as well as get into amazing shape.

Most importantly, it’s fun. We strongly encourage all of our members to step on the mat and see for themselves!

Metro Fight Club Schedule

O Athletik members can receive access to Metro Fight Club coaching & training for an additional fee of $50 per month.

Please email Coach Saul at Swsoliz1@yahoo.com or talk to the O Athletik front desk staff to register.