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4 on 4 Sand Volleyball League Play

Co-Ed League Play is signing up now. Sign up your team of four or sign up as a free agent.

League play begins Wednesday, September 5.
Rosters and Schedule will be announced Saturday, September 1.

Email to register.

Include your name, phone number, skill level and team members you wish to play with.

Soccer League Play

Soccer League Play is registering now. To sign up, email your name, phone number and names of any team members you wish to play with to

Soccer league is co-ed and open to players of all levels. League play is part of your membership, so there is no additional cost.

League Play begins Thursday, September 6.

This season will also be open to non-members. Non-members must be sponsored by a member. Fees for non-members are $50 for the 5 week season and 2 week playoff. If you would like to sponsor non-member player(s), email their names to and have them follow the link below to register and pay.


Teams and schedules will be announced Saturday, September 1.

League Rules

There will be 5 weeks of league play plus 2 weeks of playoffs between 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m on Thursdays.

Games will be 5 on 5 on the field with 8 max players per team.
You must have at least 1 female player on the field.
We will be using Futsal rules using a Futsal ball.
The running clock will be 30 minutes.
Games will end in ties.

Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.
The top 4 teams will make the playoffs.
No cleats allowed (only turf and indoor shoes).
All players are REQUIRED to wear shin guards.

Game times will be:
7:15 pm-7:45 pm
8:00 pm-8:30 pm
8:45 pm-9:15 pm

If you have any questions, email

For more information on membership, contact us below