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Four Benefits of Hot Yoga Sessions

A trendy physical activity, hot yoga, has become increasingly popular over the years. This technique allows the body to work on low impact high-intensity yoga while opening up one’s mind and body. In sweltering heat up to 105 degrees, participants work on the extensive list of poses. Yoga works all areas of your body, however, hot yoga brings it up a notch even with multiple health benefits. 

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What is hot yoga? 

Hot yoga is a yoga technique that ensures participants with sweltering temperatures of (90-105 degrees Fahrenheit) to perform roughly 26 yoga poses and two breathing techniques. The poses work on your stamina, your mental health, and working on bodyweight training. 

However, while doing hot yoga, you must make sure you’re hydrating due to the sweltering heat, you will lose a lot of water. So before you attend your course, you should hydrate the night before, during, and after the class. If you do not hydrate properly, it will lead to dehydration due to the intense heat. 

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Can you lose weight by doing hot yoga? 

 Yes, you can lose weight by participating in hot yoga and a lot of calories. These exercises help with balancing weight training on your body. Yoga is all about using one’s body weight and pushing yourself to the limit.  

 The relaxation of the movements also helps with burning fat and boosts mental and heart health. With the intense heat, you might think it is hard to breathe; however, this technique opens your lungs and trains them to retain more air. 

Is hot yoga good for skin? 

Due to the intense heat, hot yoga releases toxins during sweating and allows the pores to open, which helps the skin become healthy. 

  • Make sure to bring a towel to for all the sweat you will produce during the class. 
  • The heat and steam allow pores to open, and the best thing to do before you participate in hot yoga is cleansing your face before class.
  • Keep your hair pulled back into a ponytail or bun! If you keep your hair down during the heated class, oils from your hair can transfer to your face and can cause breakouts. 
  • Like any good workout, make sure to hydrate, shower, change clothing, and moisturize after an intense workout. 

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Why do you feel good after yoga? 

Some of the health benefits of practicing hot yoga include: feeling good after due to the practice of reducing stress levels from the outside world. This technique allows focussing on your breathing techniques. Focusing on breathing techniques enables you to evaluate and regulate heartbeats. 

  Yoga also allows you to work on flexibility to help the body become more limber and allows your body to grow deeper into stretches. Hot Yoga and Yoga itself helps with arthritis and other physical conditions. Practicing yoga enables you to change and open your perspective of oneself and others. 

What does O Athletik offer for hot yoga? 

 At O Athletik during our hot yoga classes, our instructors don’t only work on the hot yoga part of the course but also the fundamentals of working on footwork techniques, bodyweight training, and training with resistance bands. O Athletik is a facility that provides the equipment, classes, and trainers necessary to guide you through your health and exercise journey. Housed in a facility that is over 35,000 square feet, O Athletik is an active community where you can work out in a high-tech environment. Becoming a member is easy! 

We look forward to providing you with all the tools you need to transform your mind and body. Click here for a complete schedule of the classes!