The Athletik Performance Programs combine intense technical development on the ball led by a USSF licensed coach and movement and body mechanics fitness training with a certified exercise science coach from O Athletik.

Our Athletik Performance Programs will help players develop and expand ball control and master a variety of soccer moves. Players will gain confidence and comfort with the ball in high-pressure situations with limited space in which to work along with improving their technical skills and abilities through specialized drills and training. The second portion of the session will focus on speed, agility, and movement & soccer-specific fitness training.

The Athletik Performance Program will be available in camp settings, 5 Week blocks, and Mini camps. Open to all coed players ages 7-17. 

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O’ Athletik Free Session O Athletik March 15th Cancelled 7-17
APP 5-Week Block #1 O Athletik March 29th – May 3rd 12 – 1:30pm 7-17 $215
Summer Performance Program O Athletik June 8th – 11th 9am – 12pm 7-17 $249
APP 5-Week Block #2 O Athletik June 28th – July 26th 12 – 1:30pm 7-17 $215
Performance Mini Camp O Athletik September 5th – 6th 12 – 3pm 7-17 $105
APP 5-Week Block #3 O Athletik September 20th – October 18th 12 – 1:30pm 7-17 $215
Thanksgiving Performance Program O Athletik November 23rd – 25th 9am – 12pm 7-17 $199
Holiday Performance Program O Athletik December 21st – 23rd 9am – 12pm 7-17 $199

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