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Given the current state of the world, businesses are closing and many people are staying home to protect themselves and prevent the spread of COVID-19. And while the situation isn’t ideal for dedicated gym go-ers, it gives everyone the opportunity to get creative with workouts that they can do from the safety of their homes. Keep reading for more information about the effectiveness of working out at home and some of the best at-home workout tips to do in quarantine.

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Is It Effective To Work Out At Home?

For most fitness enthusiasts, going to gyms and specialized studios are essential parts of their workout routines. If your normal regime consists of weights, squat rack, fancy machines, or barre classes, how effective can a home workout be? The answer is that it can be very effective, if not more so to work out at home. For many people, especially those just getting started, they feel uncomfortable or embarrassed working out in public and find they are more productive at home. Even if you don’t have any equipment at home, there are plenty of exercises you can do on your bedroom or living room floor. And if you want to, buying some hand weights or resistance bands are a relatively inexpensive way to enhance your best at-home workout tips.

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How Can I Exercise at Home?

Whether your goal is to build muscle, get some fat-burning cardio in, or have an abs workout, it’s easy to exercise at home, regardless of how much space you have. Here are some creative tips to get off the couch, discipline yourself, and get moving at home:

Virtual Workout Classes

For some people, the aid of an instructor or being surrounded by other people really helps them to get the most out of their workout. There are tons of companies and gyms out there that offer virtual classes. If you are currently a member at a gym or studio that offers pilates or yoga, odds are that they already offer some sort of streaming service and, if they didn’t previously, they are probably considering it now.

Online Videos

If you don’t necessarily feel the need to have an instructor but don’t know how to come up with an entire workout by yourself, there are plenty of videos on Youtube that will put you through your paces and show you different movements.

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What Is the Best At-Home Workout Tips For Weight Loss?

There are some excellent workouts you can do at home to target weight loss:


If you don’t mind going outside to get a workout, jogging is a great way to do some cardio, get your heart rate up, and stay active while social distancing. Just be sure to try and jog in an area that isn’t heavily populated or to go early in the morning to avoid potential crowds.

Interval Training

High-intensity interval training is a tried and true way to burn calories, blast fat, and get a full-body workout. You should be able to easily find workout plans online that utilize interval training. Look for routines that include bodyweight exercises like pushups or jump squats as opposed to a complex equipment workout if you don’t have equipment at home. Interval training should touch on strength training to build muscle as well as cardio.

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What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat?

Trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat can be frustrating. Here are some things you can do at home to tone the area:

Plank-Based Workouts

There are versatile workouts that you can do while in a plank position to constantly engage your core while building muscle all over the body. Try shoulder taps or mountain climbers to work your abs, arms, and legs, while getting a fat-burning cardio workout.


Crunches are an easy workout that you can literally do from your bed, and do a great job of lighting up your core.

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