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Train like An Olympian: Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

Weightlifting has a very prominent history that dates back to ancient Egyptian and Greek times and is one of the earliest sports to be featured at the 1896 Athens Olympic Games. Olympic weightlifting has become an inclusive sport for both men and women, which consists of Olympic-style power weightlifting with small and large weights, there are also many different benefits of Olympic weightlifting. The mindset of a champion comes in many different shapes and forms, and the overall lifting capacity comes from training. 

Weightlifting not only helps individuals with their health but also their physical and mental state and skills, like control and stability used in an everyday lifestyle. Olympic weightlifting also increases stamina and endurance due to the heavy weight-training that the body endures. 

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How can I do Olympic weightlifting? 

 Training for Olympic weightlifting means finding a gym that allows you to weight lift with the appropriate equipment (barbells and plates,) platform materials, and finding an experienced weightlifting coach. Once you have the proper guidance and experience, you will be able to make sure that your weightlifting techniques will help you in the long haul for your physical state. Another thing you need to keep in mind while you are training for Olympic weightlifting concerns grip control. You need to make sure that you are having reasonable grip control when you are handling the weight for your safety since most of the movements will be overhead. When it comes to proper grip technique, this will help increase the muscle build as well in your wrists and arms. 

You need to be cautious that you don’t harm or hurt yourself while doing these weightlifting techniques, you can pull or strain a muscle depending on whether you do an exercise correctly. Be cautious at all times, and make sure you take your respected breaks. Make sure while you are weightlifting that you are fueling your body with nutrition that will help you perform to your fullest ability while also making sure that you do not burn or lose calories that you need. If you hurt yourself either at a gym or at home, seek medical attention immediately. Many different injuries can come from improper weightlifting including shoulder, knee, arm, and head injuries. If you do not feel comfortable with the weight, do not push yourself. If you need to stop at a certain weight, take your time and reevaluate lifting more substantial items. 

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Olympic weightlifting exercises? 

  1. Power Cleans
  2. Front Squats 
  3. Squat Cleans
  4. Push Jerks 
  5. Power Snatches 
  6. Squat Snatches

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What are the benefits? 

There are many different physical and health benefits that Olympic weightlifting can bring an individual. The sport is not just physical but also mental as well due to the individual having to be cautious of the heavyweight they are about to lift, but it also trains your brain on focus and coordination. Physical attributes that Olympic weightlifting brings to the table: increase jumping ability, speed, body composition, and stability. Health attributes include core strength, back development, lung capacity, and reducing fat and gaining muscles. Olympic weightlifting also increases an individual’s patience, control, and offers the ability to learn a new mindset. 

Does Olympic weightlifting build muscle? 

Yes, it helps you improve bone density and will increase muscle build like any other workout routine. With this, however, it also allows you to enhance your coordination and develop dynamic stability. It would be best if you focused on decreasing body fat percentages through vigorous movements. These movements will help concentrate on coordination and speed while also building strength slowly. Olympic weightlifting also increases your athletic ability and stamina! 

What does O Athletik offer for weightlifting? 

At O Athletik, we are striving to help individuals strengthen their mindset and body in the weight room. O Athletik is a facility that provides the equipment, classes, and trainers necessary to guide you through your health and exercise journey. We also offer courses like Alpha Strong and Workout of the Day (weightlifting and muscle workouts,) and for performance training: Primal Fit and GRE.

We look forward to providing you with all the tools you need to transform your mind and body. Click here for a complete schedule of the classes! Becoming a member is easy!