Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

That is the modern athlete. As training programs evolve, athletes get more and more proficient in the field. 

The goal of the program is to meet the needs of today’s athlete through the use of proven and tested strength & conditioning methods.

It takes more than a weight room to be the best.

Elevate Your Game To New Heights This Summer

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art athletic facility at O Atheltik to fully maximize your athletic performance. This will include extensive use of the indoor turf field for speed & agility work as well as sport-specific drills.

These performance camps are open to both male and female athletes from middle school through the collegiate level. Athletes will be trained according to age and skill level.  

Athletes can choose to participate in either a 1-month or 2-month program. 

This Program Will Test And Improve Your:

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Programs are designed based on the goal of each individual. Many athletic programs will design set exercise  programs and ask athletes to conform to the program. We treat each athlete as an individual and know that every athlete is different.

To register, click the button below and select one of the two “Sports Performance Camp” options. Available in 1-month and 2-month durations.

For any questions, please email info@oathletik.com or contact Coach Phil at 832-230-9579