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Agility and Sports Performance Training in Houston

Any dedicated athlete will tell you that their sport performance takes as much mental power as it does physical ability. Our agility class is designed to bring your sports performance to the next level. Agility training not only fine tunes your motor skills, but has been scientifically proven to enhance cognitive performance as well. We provide the equipment and space, and you provide the ambition and dedication for your sport. As a fitness center based in Houston, we understand the crucial need for fitness and specialized training in a big city. Our center offers the space and tools you need to reach your athletic and fitness goals.

“O” Exclusive Agility Training

As an athlete, you already know the dedication it takes to get to the next level. We provide the tools to get you there. Our agility and sports performance training in Houston utilizes training mechanisms such as ladders, mini-hurdles, cones, and sprints. The variance in tools used in this course helps to train your body in different areas at the same time. These tools are designed to improve the body’s ability to move and change direction quickly while maintaining proper posture and alignment. This method of training can be a great tool for injury prevention by teaching the body to stabilize areas like the shoulders, lower back, and knees while moving quickly.

Monitor your Progress

Put yourself to the test by monitoring your progress. Time your speed through our course and track your progress as you gain skill. If you are the competitive type and prefer a challenge, you can even race a friend side-by-side and compare times. At O Athletik, you can personalize your workout to fit your needs and style of training.

Agility Training Tips

There are a number of ways to utilize the equipment we provide for your use to personalize your workout and optimize performance. These are just a few examples:

  • Speed Ladder Agility Drills
  • Lateral Plyometric Jumps
  • Pro Agility Shuttle Drills

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