August 2021 - OAthletik Fitness

As of August 2021, O Athletik is offering 4 new kids classes as part of our expanding kids program

All classes are for the 5-12 age group and are beginner levels. These classes will be a great way to teach your child the fundamentals of athleticism, coordination, and speed. 

They are as follows:

Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

Kids Conditioning

Training Level: Beginner+

Equipment: Water, Towel

Location: Field

Class Description: Build conditioning, stamina, strength, and speed. With Kids Conditioning you will hone on their coordination, and body awareness through bodyweight style fitness drills! Let them try it once and they will be hooked.

Kids Box

Training Level: Beginner+

Equipment: Gloves, Hand wraps

Location: Bag Area/Mat

Kids Box will explore the fundamentals of proper striking techniques! Learn great footwork, blended with conditioning training! BOX will keep you in top performance. Kids will work with partners in drills with light reactive sparring.

Kids Yoga

Training Level: Beginner+

Equipment: Water, Towel

Optional: Yoga Mat

Location: Yoga Studio

This class is for children ages 5-12 to develop flexibility, focus, and coordination by putting together different yoga sequences, learning breathing techniques, playing games, dancing, and creating their own yoga adventures! There is also a focus on mindfulness, practicing gratitude, and appreciating the benefits of stillness.

Kids O-Gility

Training Level: Beginner+

Equipment: Water, Towel

Location: Field

Kids O-Gility is focused on the improvement of dynamic movements, stamina, speed, acceleration, and deceleration. Kids will be sent through ladders, mini-hurdles, cone work, and sprints to test and improve overall speed and agility. This is perfect for any children going into sports as it will set the foundation for athletic coordination and explosiveness.

kids boxing class

More Info:

Class times vary, but most will be offered throughout the week after normal school hours. Please refer to our class schedule to see exact times. 

For more information on our kids workout classes, please talk to a staff member or contact us below.