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Get In Shape For This Summer

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With summer 2021 quickly approaching, the time to start working on your beach body is now. The White House estimates that there will be enough vaccines to have the entire US population vaccinated by July, so you can’t use the pandemic as an excuse! Nice try though.

Getting in shape for summer is easier said than done. Many of us know the basic formula: lost weight + gain muscle = beach body. Unfortunately, the actual application is more strenuous and difficult than punching a couple meals into MyFitnessPal.

Working out and taking classes at O Athletik, voted the best gym in Houston for 2020, will definitely get you on track, but sometimes you just need that extra attention and someone pushing you to your limits.

To help you along your weight loss journey, we highly recommend you hire a personal trainer. 

But why? We are glad you asked.

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How a personal trainer can help you get in shape

Personal trainers at O Athletik have one goal: to get you in the best shape possible. In this case, that goal has a deadline, aka summer 2021. A deadline that is right around the corner.

Working out by yourself may work for experienced lifters who have gone through the typical bulk-cut cycle many times, but the average gym goer needs a little extra push. That push is your personal trainer.

Not only will they keep you accountable for your workout performance in the gym, but they will also be on you about what you are eating outside of the gym. 

And don’t try to lie about the milkshake you drank the night before your personal training session. Our personal trainers at O Athletik are very adept at knowing when you are telling the truth or not.

At the very least, the scale and InBody don’t lie, both of which are among other advanced fitness tech that all of our members have access to.

Are you thinking, “Hey, that could really help me get in shape this summer! How do I join?”. Excellent question! To get started on your fitness transformation at O Athletik, click here to schedule a tour or a complimentary day pass of our state of the art gym located in The Heights, Houston. 

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Are there any other benefits to having a personal trainer?


Injury prevention is a huge bonus in having your own personal trainer. Losing weight and building muscle is great, but so is not getting injured. Many people think they are performing weight lifting movements correctly when in reality, it is detrimental to their joints. 

A personal trainer has the expertise to identify what movements you need to fix and will provide you the proper guidance on how to do so.

Another less talked about benefit of having a personal trainer is motivation.

We’ve all heard the recent trendy tagline “Grind 24/7 until you drop”, or “Motivation has to come from within or you are WEAK!”

But realistically, all of us are human. We all have mornings where we wake up and just aren’t feeling up for a tough workout. 

If your goal is to get in shape by this summer, you can ill afford to skip a ton of workouts. This is where a personal trainer comes in.

Your personal trainer will provide you with that external motivation to push yourself in the gym. They will be the ones who give you the energy to exercise. And in part thanks to that added motivation, you’ll be able to achieve your fitness goals over time.

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Group fitness classes in the heights

Looking for group fitness classes in The Heights? O Athletik is the place for you.

Our personal trainers, outside of teaching clients on an individual basis, also lead our group fitness classes. These range from O Fit, our large group class that focuses on strength and endurance, to more conventional cardio classes like Hill Fit or GASED.

All of these group fitness classes are available to O Athletik members and are included in our monthly fee.

Have any additional questions on how YOU can get in shape for Summer 2k21? Contact us at O Athletik and see how our personal trainers (who are the best in Houston) can help you.

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