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June 10, 2019

Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

During the summer, it’s important to keep kids physically active and to encourage healthy living by having them spend time outdoors in the natural world. While children may gravitate towards video games with their newfound free time during the summer, providing positive reinforcement for learning new skills and experiencing new things is a great way to get young people excited about living an active lifestyle. The benefits of summer camp for kids range from teaching them how to step out of their comfort zone and build social skills, to learning fine motor control and agility.

Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

Summer Camp or Day Camp?

While day camp may also be referred to as summer camp, these two phrases can sometimes mean different things. While overnight camps cannot be considered day camp, there are many overlapping benefits of summer camp and day camp. Both are able to provide the summer camp experience and opportunities for children to develop life skills, strengthen emotional intelligence, and remain active while having fun.

Day camp is great for younger kids who are not ready to be away from home for extended periods of time, or for kids and teens with busy schedules that do not have time to go away for weeks. Day camp offers a safe environment to experience summer camp without the full commitment that an overnight camp requires. Additionally, day camp can also be a good option for a child’s first camp experience to see if they would enjoy a longer summer camp in the future.

Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

What Are the Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids?

It is said that kids grow at the speed of light, both in terms of height and maturity. Physical activity is important during childhood to develop lifelong healthy habits and to promote healthy growth. What one learns during their early years stays with them throughout the rest of their lives. Summer camps help children prepare for healthy lifestyle choices in every area of life. Here is a list of some of the great benefits of summer camp:

  • Build social skills
    Summer camp is a great way for a shy kid to come out of their shell in a fun-filled environment. While some kids may not be social butterflies in school, their personalities can bloom at summer camp.


  • Learn new sports/ activities
    Summer camp is the perfect place for a kid to try out sports they may not have had the chance to try before and in an environment they may feel more comfortable in rather than in a PE class.


  • Character development
    Summer camp is about more than just playing games. Any camp with good leaders will be able to help campers grow as people.


  • Build a sense of independence
    Spending some time away from home in a new and fun environment can be just what a kid needs to learn the value of independence. While every summer camp is structured differently, a young person will enjoy being able to follow a schedule and know to go to each activity with little prompting.


  • Improved confidence
    With the help of great leaders and role models, attending summer camp can help a child’s confidence flourish. When a young person realizes that they are capable of responsibility and independence, they will feel that they can believe in themselves.


  • Reinforce healthy lifestyle
    Summer camp is an opportunity to encourage healthy habits in a fun way that won’t feel like work at all. It is important to make positive associations with health and wellness at a young age.


  • Learn the importance of teamwork
    Whether it’s playing sports or other team building exercises, summer camp is a natural way for children to learn the importance of supporting others in a team setting. This skill will no doubt benefit a child in the long run, in sports and in other areas of life.


  • Learn good sportsmanship
    Along with teamwork comes learning the importance of good sportsmanship. Keeping a well-balanced and positive attitude is just one way in which it is proven that having a good mental mindset is just as important as learning a straightforward skill.


  • Get a head start in upcoming sports seasons
    Lastly, summer sports camps give kids an advantage in sports for the upcoming school year. Extra practice and coaching during the summer means that they can go into the next sports season more prepared with new skills fresh in their minds.


Kids Summer Camp in Houston

O Athletik offers both summer camp classes as well as classes specializing in exciting activities such as yoga, mixed martial arts, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The Little O’s kids classes are designed to introduce young people to the foundations of popular activities that will keep them active through the summertime and beyond.