Labor Day Class

On Labor Day, September 5th, we will be offering another one of our special workout extravaganzas! A near two-hour workout and a mix of four of our classes, make sure you come get this special workout in before wearing your last whites out for the season. 

Locker Notice

Lockers are first-come, first-serve. We please ask that you leave nothing in the lockers overnight. At the end of each night lockers will be cleaned out and items left will be stored in our Lost & Found. Any items left in the Lost & Found for seven(7) days will then be donated to a local charity of our choice. 


As a courtesy to our neighbors, please park only in spaces marked as “OA” or spaces that are unmarked. You will be subject to tow if you are parked in any other spaces!

During busy hours, please take advantage of our complimentary valet located at the entrance of the club.